Friday, January 10, 2020

American Express AeroplanPlus Reserve and entry level cards no longer available as of today

As of today American Express is no longer marketing their AeroplanPlus Reserve and AeroplanPlus entry level cards. Existing card members will continue to be able to use their cards and if you had applied for it by yesterday and are approved you'll still get the card. However no new applications will be accepted from today on. We haven't received notice from American Express why they have chosen to pull the cards but I have an inkling that is has to do with the new Air Canada Aeroplan program that we will see launched later this year. I anticipate that American Express will come out with new Air Canada/Aeroplan cards (or whatever name the program has if they do rename it) for that launch.

This makes sense especially on the AeroplanPlus Reserve card as when it was developed by American Express it was done so in conjunction with Air Canada and not as much with Aeroplan. It was made to be a card for Air Canada travellers rather than Aeroplan miles collectors. Now that Air Canada controls and owns it's loyalty program and promises of lots to come with that new program we can only anticipate that the credit cards will change as well. Air Canada's Mark Nasr has already been quoted that we *may* see elite status being a feature on their credit cards - so is this what we may see with Amex if and when they come out with an Ultra-Premium Air Canada card? Only time will tell!

In the mean time, American Express is still actively promoting and accepting applications for the AeroplanPlus Platinum and AeroplanPlus Gold cards as these cards are geared more towards Aeroplan miles collectors rather than those looking for the best Air Canada benefits - albeit the benefits with the Platinum version are pretty decent!

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