You can now transfer points between Choice Privileges and Radisson Rewards

In 2022 Choice Hotels completed the acquisition of Radisson Hotels Americas however for the most part they have been run separately including their respective loyalty programs. The first step to further integration of the brand took place this week as Choice hotels announced  members will now be able to transfer points between Choice Privileges and Radisson Rewards Americas.

The Transfer Rate

Members can now transfer points freely between their Radisson Rewards Americas and Choice Privileges accounts at a rate of 2 Radisson Rewards points to 1 Privileges point. You can exchange points in either direction as needed for any rewards you are planning to redeem for.

This provides Choice Privileges members with access to over 600 more locations in Canada and the rest of the Americas to use their points and on the flip side, Radisson Rewards Americas gain access to over 7,000 Choice properties worldwide to be able to redeem at.

What about that transfer rate? The 2 to 1 rate from Radisson to Choice is right on par for points value. On average Choice points are worth around 0.7 to 0.8 cents each and Radisson around 0.35 to 0.4 so a 2 to 1 ratio makes a lot of sense.

Transferring your points

Transferring points, once you have your accounts linked is relatively easy. You’ll need to have both a Choice Privileges account and Radisson Rewards Americas account, both of which are free to join.

On the Radisson Rewards Americas site, after you log in, click on the redeem:


Next click on Choice Privileges exchange:


Click on exchange

At this point you are taken to the Choice Privileges website where you sign in to exchange your points

If you are starting at the Choice Privileges website you simply need to click on “My Account: after logging in and you’ll see the following where you simply click on Transfer points to be taken the next step:

Once signed in and/or clicking on Transfer Points you’ll be presented with the option to link your accounts:

When I clicked ‘Link’ it automatically linked the accounts – I’m not sure if it was due to me being logged into to both accounts at the same time or if it does some sort of work on the back end behind the scenes, anyways, this confirmation popped up after clicking link:

And voila, now I am able to transfer between the accounts:

Next Step

Ultimately we expect that Radisson Rewards Americas will be fully integrated into Choice Privileges at some point later this year or perhaps early in 2024. When this happens I would assume any points you have in your Radisson Rewards Americas account will transfer at that 2:1 rate to Choice Privileges.

What about Radisson Rewards Worldwide? If you are a member of the Radisson Rewards program for the rest of the world you can still freely transfer points from the Worldwide program to the Americas programs. Technically speaking that means you can transfer from Worldwide to Choice Privileges.