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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

January 26 Update: Redeem Amex Membership Rewards points for education via HigherEdPoints, AIR MILES Bonus Boom returns February 4 and more!

Here's your Rewards Canada Daily update! Your daily dose (or near daily dose) of loyalty program, credit card and travel news, bonuses, deals and more. This update is brought to you by the HSBC +Rewards Mastercard which is currently offering a welcome bonus of up to 30,000 bonus points, no annual fee in the first year and a low 11.9% interest rate! 

Great news from our friends at HigherEdPoints as they have brought back another big loyalty partner to their ranks that you can redeem points for education! You can now once again redeem American Express Membership Rewards points for a HigherEdPoints certificate. This means you can use your Membership Rewards points (all types Select, First etc.) to help pay for tuition and/or student loans. The redemption rate is 32,500 Membership Rewards points for $250. This works out to almost 0.77 cents per point which puts the redemption value about 10% higher than the Use Points for Purchases option (essentially cash back). This means for cards like the American Express Cobalt Card which earns up to 5x points your return woud range from 0.77% to just over 3.8%. Learn more about redeeming MR points for HigherEdPoints here.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Now is a good time to pay off your student loans and tuition using points and miles via HigherEdPoints

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Suzanne Tyson from after my post on Shifting your loyalty program strategy to help during these trying and tough financial times and she reminded me about their service and how right now may actually be the best time to use them. In my piece we looked at shifting from a travel focus to a cash or cash equivalent focus in your loyalty programs and that's what HigherEdPoints is - a cash equivalent.

We've covered HigherEdPoints in the past on Rewards Canada but if you are unfamiliar with them here is a quick recap.

HigherEdPoints is a program that provides students and their families an option for using points towards post-secondary tuition and student loans. They are currently partnered with Aeroplan, CIBC and TD as a redemption option and you can convert points to cash payments towards payment of tuition at over 100 institutions in Canada or towards Canada Student Loans and other provincial student aid programs. To date Canadians have utilized HigherEdPoints to offset over $2 million in student loans and tuition.

How does it work?
You simply log in to your rewards account with Aeroplan, TD or CIBC and navigate to the proper page for redeeming and click on HigherEdPoints.  Or you can access the redemption option links via this page on HigherEdPoints.

How many points or miles does it take?
You can convert 35,000 Aeroplan Miles to receive a $250 credit. Same goes for CIBC where you'll get $250 for 35,000 CIBC Rewards points. Finally, there is TD Rewards which provides the best redemption rate: 62,500 TD Rewards points nets you that $250 credit. Compare this to the regular TD Rewards Cash Back rate of 100,000 points to get $250 cash back and you can see why it is such a good redemption option. It fact it's actually not far off the best redemption rate for ExpediaForTD redemption and is equivalent to the travel anywhere redemption option (up to $1,200 in travel)
Listen in: Rewards Canada podcast Episode 53 - Interview with Suzanne Tyson, founder of HigherEdPoints
Why redeem points and miles now?
"It's going to be so important for people to know about HigherEdPoints to help fund their education because it's a quadruple whammy coming ...parents laid off, student jobs disappearing, campuses needing to cut back on financial aid because students can't enroll (bursaries are funded by tuition, less tuition, fewer bursaries) and the government funding may take a hit because of all the other funding they are providing nationwide..." states Suzanne, "Given the Feds have taken away student loan repayments and taken interest accruals off until September, this is a perfect time for students to get out from under their debt."
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It's the latter point Suzanne makes that really may hit home with a lot of you. You can pay down your student loans right now to lower your future potential interest by using one of their three program partners. If you are a student and don't have the points or miles to redeem it never hurts to ask your family members. Remember that outside of TD the redemption rates from Aeroplan and CIBC may not be tempting for those who track value but take into account the interest savings, yours or your child's possible lack of cash flow to start making payments in September and all of a sudden those Aeroplan and CIBC redemptions become very valuable.

If you don't have enough points in any of the programs but are stable enough financially to take on a new credit card you could look at the TD First Class Visa Infinite Card as it provides up to 65,000 points as its welcome bonus (when you apply by May 31, 2020 and complete the minimum spending) and with no annual fees on the primary and first additional card in the first year as those are rebated. This means you can get that $250 HigherEdPoints credit, have 2,500 points left over at no cost outside of your actual spend on the card. Similarly you could do the same with the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Card but you'll have to spend a bit more to get to the 35,000 Aeroplan Mile level to redeem so if you were only looking making a move on a credit card for the sake of paying tuition or student loans I would recommend the TD First Class Visa Infinite card.

Learn more about HigherEdPoints here.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Podcast Episode 53 is here! Interview with Suzanne Tyson founder of HigherEdPoints on how you can use loyalty points to pay for tuition and student loans

Episode 53 - April 4, 2019
Interview with Suzanne Tyson, founder of HigherEdPoints

This week we catch up with Suzanne Tyson, the founder of HigherEdPoints.Launched 5 years ago HigherEdPoints allows students and their families for using miles and points for tuition. You can convert Aeroplan Miles, TD Rewards Points or CIBC Aventura Points to help pay tuition and/or student loans! Jeff and Suzanne delve into the details on how HigherEdPoints works, some examples of how Canadians have used the service and how they have become the largest source of private sector education funding in the country!

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Monday, September 24, 2018

September 24 Update: HigherEdPoints adds Federal Canada Student Loans repayment option, Hilton Honors status match offer + Expedia Flash Sale

HigherEdPoints, the Canadian company that allows you to use loyalty points (Aeroplan, CIBC Rewards and TD Rewards) towards paying your tuition made a big announcement today with the addition of Canada Student Loans to their portfolio. This means you can now redeem miles and points to pay off federal student loans. There are approximately 1.3 million Canadians who hodl federal student loans so this is big news for HigherEdPoints and is a great option for those who need help to pay off those loans! Here is an excerpt from today's press release:
Students can repay their Canada Student Loans by redeeming loyalty program points from Aeroplan, TD Rewards and the CIBC Aventura programs. Businesses, friends or family can also convert their loyalty points to repay a student or grad’s loans.
“Education is the most important investment a person can make but post-graduation debt can be a major hindrance upon graduation,” says Suzanne Tyson, Founder and CEO of  “We are thrilled to have brought the Canada Student Loans program into HigherEdPoints to provide post-secondary students and their families a new opportunity to relieve some of the financial pressure upon graduation.”

According to Statistics Canada, college graduates average $14,900 in debt, bachelor and masters graduates are expected to average over $26,300 and doctorate graduates will have $41,100 in debt on average. already offers students the opportunity to redeem loyalty points to pay their tuition at more than 100 Canadian colleges and universities and repay provincial loan program debts. Over the last four years, has helped students and parents convert over 225,000,000 loyalty points into more than $1,350,000 worth of funds to help pay for tuition and repay provincial student loans. With the addition of the Canada Student Loan program, HigherEdPoints will now be able to help the 1.3 million graduates currently repaying their loans.  
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In the bonus offers section we added a new status match and fast track to elite status offer for Hilton Honors. If you hold any other hotel program elite status you can register for this offer to get 90 days of automatic Honors elite status and then if you complete 4 stays in 90 days you'll get to keep Gold status. Complete 8 stays in those 90 days and you'll get Diamond status. Normally it takes 20 and 30 stays respectively to earn those status levels. Remember you also have to option of getting Honors Gold status with the Platinum Card from American Express. Find out more about this status match/fast track offer here.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

HigherEdPoints adds TD Rewards as a new redemption partner

Lately we've been discussing HigherEdPoints more here on Rewards Canada due in large part to our new Guide to miles and points for students. Now we have even more news on this company. As you may be aware the only miles you could redeem for education credits via HigherEdPoints were Aeroplan miles. Well as of last week a second program has joined in. TD Rewards.

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This is great news for those who carry TD cards likes the TD First Class Visa Infinite Card, TD Platinum Travel or TD Classic Travel Visa card. All of these cards earn TD Rewards Points, the First Class and Platinum at 3 points per dollar while the Classic is 2 points per dollar spent. So how many TD Rewards Points does it take to receive an education credit at more than 75 post secondary institutions and two government student loan programs?

As you can see it is 62,500 points for $250 in education credits. If you take their top earning cards this equates to 20,833.33 in spending to get the credit. This is roughly a 1.2% return. The same as the new 'book any travel rate' that kicks in on November 15th but is lower than the 1.5% return for redeeming those points via Expedia for TD.  All in all this isn't that bad of option for TD Rewards points holders! If you are a numbers person this is definitely a better value than what is seen with Aeroplan redemptions.

Find out more about the TD Rewards for HigherEdPoints credits here.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

September 16 Update: Tuition deadlines are looming, how you can pay for them with miles + lots of new bonuses

News, Tips & Tricks
Today we released the latest Rewards Canada feature in helping students make the most of loyalty programs. This feature looks at how you can use miles to pay for tuition. Read more here!

Don't forget about our promotion where you can get a $250 Gift Card from Rewards Canada. Find out more here.

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