Everyday Value: Using credit card statement credit offers to save on ergonomic office furniture

Rewards Canada is proud to introduce a new partner of our site: EFFYDESK. With this partnership we are taking a bit of a step away from the norm of almost strictly covering points, miles, credit cards and travel. But I actually ask myself are we really?

You may be wondering how does EFFYDESK tie into the world of points, miles and credit cards? That’s a great question and they do so thanks to a frequent subject we cover here on Rewards Canada and that is statement credits for using select rewards credit cards for purchases.

Specifically, both Amex Offers and RBC Offers have statement credit offers for EFFYDESK purchases! I’ll go into those offers later in this post but first let’s find out more about young Canadian company.


The Effydesk Story

EFFYDESK was founded by British Columbia based Dickson Lam in 2018 after finding a love for standing desks. Owning to some back issues from when he was younger Dickson found it difficult to sit for a prolonged time at a regular desk. He was introduced to electric standing desks in 2016 and from then on we can say the rest is history. Dickson felt he could improve on the product and focus on sustainability.

In the short five year history EFFYDESK has grown to be one Canada’s leading ergonomic furniture companies with corporations like Shopify, Arc’teryx and Holiday Inn all using their products.


From Chopsticks to Standing desk

EFFYDESK partnered with another B.C. based company called Chopvalue. Chopvalue takes used chopsticks and recycles them into a superior product that is durable and aesthetically pleasing. The partnership between EFFYDESK and Chopvalue has them offer the Terra Desk:

“The TerraDesk is a perfect example of the best ergonomic and eco-friendly sit-stand desk that’s made in Canada. Each butcher block tabletop is handmade from 10,854 recycled chopsticks, reducing eco-waste to provide a greener future for our environment.”

Terra Desk
The TerraDesk is made from 10,854 chopsticks


Additional products from the partnership include a rolling cabinet, foot rest and tablet stand.


Solid Wood Desks

The latest product offerings from EFFYDESK are solid wood desks with built in wireless charging. They were one of the first companies to implement wireless charging in solid wood desk products. EFFYDESK describes it as a completely seamless plug and play feature where you just place your phone on the spot where the wireless pad is underneath the desktop and it charges any compatible wireless device.

Wildwood desk in solid Acacia
Wildwood Desk
Wildwood desk in solid Walnut


Known as the Wildwood, these solid wood desks start at $1,200 and are available in three sizes. Walnut, Acacia and Pheasantwood are the three wood options and they can be paired with either a white or black motorized frame.


Commitment to Quality

EFFYDESK founder Dickson Lam knows how good his desks are that he provides a 30 day free trial and a 10 year warranty! On top of this all products come with free shipping.


The Statement Credit Offers

Now onto the part that a lot of Rewards Canada readers will be considering and that is how they can use their favourite rewards credit cards to purchase their products.

Both American Express and RBC have promotions with EFFYDESK whereby using one of their respective rewards credit cards will can receive a statement credit on your purchase.

Those offers are as follows:

Amex Offers

Spend at least $800 in qualifying purchases using your registered Card at www.effydesk.ca by 20/06/2023 and earn a one-time $150 statement credit. Terms apply.

To be eligible for the offer you must log in to your Amex account online or via the app and register your card for it. Click here to learn more about Amex Offers.

RBC Offers

From now until July 31, 2023, get a 15% statement credit at EFFYDESK online at www.effydesk.ca when you pay with your eligible RBC credit card(s).* Simply load this offer before you shop. Statement credit limited to the first $533 of total spend during offer period

To access RBC Offers log in to your account or via the app and be sure to load the offer prior to making your purchase. Click here to learn more about RBC Offers.


Maximizing the offers

If you hold both an American Express card and an RBC card you can strategically pick which offer works best for you. For example, I have the Effydesk offer available on my Platinum Card from American Express and on my WestJet RBC World Elite Mastercard.

Here’s my recommendation on how to best use these offers. If you are spending under $800 you’ll want to use your RBC card since their is no minimum spend with their offer where as if you are making a larger purchase, say the Wildwood desk that is highlighted above your American Express card will provide the better return.

Going even one step further – if you happen to be purchasing more than one item such as a desk and a chair you could consider making two orders and paying for one on your Amex card and the other on your RBC Card. As the products have free shipping you don’t have to worry about incurring separate freight charges.

For example, you could buy a Wildwood desk on your Amex card for $1,200 (+tax) and receive a $150 credit. Then you could purchase the AeryChair for $530 on your RBC card to receive a $79.50 statement credit. Not bad to save nearly $230 on $1,730 of purchases. On top of this you’ll still be earning your respective card’s points on the full amount of the purchases.


Wrapping it up

When Dickson approached me about promoting EFFYDESK I had to think about how a site focused on credit cards, rewards and so forth could do so – but that was literally for only a few seconds. Almost immediately I recalled how EFFYDESK has partnered with both American Express and RBC for each of their ‘Offers’ programs.

Here are two card brands we feature on an almost daily basis on Rewards Canada and there’s the connection for our readers. Effydesk + Amex Offers + RBC Offers = a Rewards Canada Everyday Value article. Not to mention I love to support everything and anything Canadian!

If you are in the market for a sitting/standing desk and/or office accessories and want to support local you can do so with EFFYDESK. All the while you can enjoy some savings on your EFFYDESK purchases simply by utilizing the Amex and/or RBC offers from those cards in your wallet. And that’s where the Everyday Value in these cards shine through once again.

Click here to learn more about and to shop with EFFYDESK

(and don’t forget to register/load your credit card offers before your purchase!)

This post was sponsored by EFFYDESK. However the opinions expressed within a strictly those of Rewards Canada.