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Big U.S. expansion from WestJet sees new routes to Detroit, Minneapolis, Washington D.C. & more

WestJet officially announced a major U.S. expansion today that sees new service to Detroit, Minneapolis, Washington D.C. & more. On top of the new U.S. routes we see new domestic routes being added as well plus the return of some routes that were discontinued during the pandemic.

The New U.S. Routes:

  • Calgary – Detroit 5x weekly
  • Calgary – Washington Dulles 3x weekly
  • Edmonton – Minneapolis/St. Paul 3x to 5x weekly
  • Edmonton – Seattle 3x to 5x weekly
  • Saskatoon – Minneapolis/St. Paul 3 weekly
  • Vancouver – Atlanta 4x weekly
  • Vancouver – Nashville 2x weekly

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The New Canadian Routes

  • Calgary – Moncton 3x weekly
  • Calgary – Thunder Bay 3x weekly
  • Edmonton – Charlottetown  1x weekly
  • Edmonton – London ON  2x weekly
  • Edmonton – Moncton 2x weekly

Returning Routes

Routes like Calgary to Austin and Chicago, Edmonton to Montreal and Winnipeg to Kelowna are all returning for the upcoming summer season as well.

Wrapping it up

You’ll notice many of the U.S. routes are to Delta Airlines hubs which is further solidifying the partnership between the two airlines and ongoing connectivity via the airline’s respective hubs. It also continues to show WestJet’s strategy shift which sees them focusing on Western Canada.

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Image via WestJet