Thursday, March 25, 2021

AIR MILES Bonus Boom is now live - earn bonus miles with participating partners + 95 bonus miles when you collect three different Bonus Boom offers


The latest AIR MILES Bonus Boom event kicked off today with a whole bunch of bonus miles offers for shopping or completing actions with various AIR MILES partners. Most of the bonuses are available between today and April 14 and once again if you use three different Bonus Boom offers you'll get 95 bonus AIR MILES. New this time however is the ability to get the 95 bonus miles all from one retailer so long as they have multiple offers. For example Sobeys has three different offers available so if you meet the criteria for those three offers you'll get the 95 bonus miles.

With Bonus Boom you can earn well over 1,000 bonus miles with all the offers but in reality most serious collectors will be earning upward of several hundred miles. It really depends on what shopping you need to get done - for example you can earn two of three partners simply by redeeming 95 cash miles at Safeway and then doing the same at Sobeys (you need to opt-in for those particular bonus offers) and then you have your usual type of bonus offers from Amex, BMO, AIR MILES Shops, Shell, Staples, Global Pet Foods and more.

Learn more about Bonus Boom and check out your province's offers here


Image via AIR MILES

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