Thursday, November 15, 2018

AIR MILES Shop the Block is back - earn up to 2,000 Bonus Reward Miles when earning from multiple partners

The annual AIR MILES Shop the Block event launched today and presents a really nice bonus mile earning opportunity. If you meet the requirement of using Shop the Block coupons at 3 or more sponsors you'll be awarded with up to 2,000 Rewards Miles over and above the base miles and coupon bonus miles awarded.

Bonuses are as follows:

Use 3 different offers Get 300 Bonus Miles
Use 5 different offers Get 1,000 Bonus Miles
Use 7 different offers Get 2,000 Bonus Miles

Now to earn the bonus won't come cheap if you don't have any planned shopping for next month and a half at the participating sponsors but then again it is Christmas shopping season! Also if you can, you could move some shopping you had planned from one retailer to another that is an AIR MILES Sponsor than you can earn those bonus miles for your everyday regular spending.

Here are the basic rules around this promotion:
The cheapest way we found to earn the bonus simply by looking at all the details on the coupons page (Alberta region) would be as follows:

  1. Register to convert Hudson Bay Rewards points to AIR MILES (30 bonus Miles coupon)
  2. Spend $50 at Global Pet Foods (10 bonus Miles coupon)
  3. Spend $10 in-store at Shell (5 Bonus Miles coupon)
  4. Spend $40 at Rexall (20 Bonus Miles Coupon)
  5. Link your AIR MILES account to your Samsung Pay account by November 26 (75 Bonus Miles Coupon)
  6. Spend $75 at Timber Mart (25 bonus miles)
  7. Pick a spend $100 get 25 to 100 bonus miles offers (Safeway, Sobeys, IGA,, etc.)
If you have a BMO or American Express AIR MILES Credit Card achieving the bonus can be easier as it will count as one offer if you make 25 or more in-store purchases on one of the cards (Opt in is required via the Shop the Block site)

That's $275 in spending to earn the 2,000 Bonus Shop the Block Miles but then you have to add in your base amount miles plus add in the non-spend offers and the coupon bonuses for an additional ~265 miles or so for 2,265 bonus miles in total. We value AIR MILES Rewards Miles at an average of 13 cents each for travel, so you are getting back $295 on your $275 in spending so that is a great return! If you strictly earn cash rewards, then you are looking at a return of about $238, still pretty decent for spending $275. For some of you it may take more spending but as we mentioned before if this is shopping you are already planning on doing then jump on the Mega Miles event right away so that you can earn this bonus.

Find out more and print all your coupons here!

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