Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Ultimate Student Credit Card portfolio!

Today we released the 13th Ultimate Credit Card Portfolio on Rewards Canada! With school back in now we bring you The Ultimate Student Credit Card portfolio!

School has started. You're walking through the hallways and common areas of your college or university and there they are. The booths from all the banks pitching you on your first credit card. Well at least that's how it was when I was in university 20+ years ago. Not sure if its the same anymore but the premise is the same. As a student out of high school its now time for you start building your credit all the while starting to learn the ins and outs of reward programs. The key is credit cards and some of you will get them to run credit. You need to. You don't have much money and need to stretch things out. But you need to be smart. Don't get yourself into a lot of debt. Don't make the mistake many of us have done in the past. Be proactive. Get yourself those credit cards but limit yourself, or better yet put payments on the cards before you even use them. That way you know you can afford what you are putting on them. I won't go into the major details of running and not running balances for a long time in this piece as this piece is a feel good one, you are excited to get your first credit cards and lets keep it that way. So with that said what are the best choices for a student? Read on!

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