Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hotel Review: Hotel Le Germain Toronto

Not too long ago a client of mine put me up at the Hotel Le Germain in Toronto. There isn't too much to review as my arrival into YYZ was around 11:20pm and I arrived at the boutique hotel at Midnight with me checking out by 8am! At check in there was a short wait as only one agent was working up front but another employee did offer me a free water bottle while I waited.

In a nutshell I was impressed with the room I received. It was a decent size, had a huge bathroom and was very clean and comfortable! I must add that the duvet on the bed was amazing.

The continental breakfast had a decent spread, nothing too fancy but quite a few choices which is always nice as many don't have a very big selection by comparison.

What can I say after such a short stay! I can't say too much but in the short period of time that I was at the hotel I was impressed and would definitely return for another stay. Have you ever stayed at the Hotel Le Germain in Toronto? I'd love to hear your comments to see if your stay(s) echo my experience or if my eight hour visit didn't give me the true gist of this hotel!

Here are some pictures of the room:

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Hotel Le Germain Toronto

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  1. There are two "Hotel Le Germain" properties in Toronto - one in the entertainment district on Mercer St. and the other at Maple Leaf Square , next to the AC Centre. Both have a modern European flair. I stayed at the latter property twice last summer (Mercer St was full) and had terrific stays both times. The rooms were lovely and the front desk service impeccable. There is a wonderful lounge adjacent to the breakfast area and it's open 24/7 for complimentary tea, cappucino etc. I thought the included breakfast was very good - really great variety and good quality food in a lovely setting. Adjacent to the hotel is a Luongo's grocery store where we could get snacks or full meals for lunch or dinner - a real plus for a business traveller. (Oh yeah, and there is an LCBO next door too). Notwithstanding some sports -themed art that was a bit over the top, i loved my stay at Hotel Le Germain.

  2. Hi Jill! Thanks for the comment. Great to hear you liked the hotel(s) as well!

    BTW My stay was at the Mercer Street location.

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