Thursday, August 16, 2012

Quick update while I am on holidays!

I'm in the middle of taking some time off but can't really keep away from posting some offers, I won't go into huge details but here are some things that have cropped up in the past week that are worth mentioning:

Icelandair Saga Club is offering a 20% bonus on buying Saga Club miles which I found in my email and didn't think much of it and thought would add it to the site when I get back to work.  Then I read Onlinetravelreview and found out what this actually means, it means that those of who live in Alberta and BC can spend roughly $328 to obtain 30,000 Saga Club miles which will get you a FIRST CLASS roundtrip ticket on Alaska Airlines to anywhere they fly in the U.S. (Alaska and Hawaii included), Canada and Mexico. So you can fly up front out of any of Alaska's Canadian cities (Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna) for only $328 a person! For more details, click the Onlinetravelreview link above or go straight to buy miles on Icelandair's site

Carlson Hotels Club Carlon is celebrating 25 years of Country Inns & Suites by offering 25,000 Bonus Goldpoints for a 2 night stay at a Country Inns & suites on the special 25 for 25 rate. Registration is required to earn the points and you can register here

Club Carlson also has a sweepstakes on right now that will award you 100 Gold Points per day for viewing a Vacation Look Book (takes about 1 minute!)

Aeroplan is offering another transfer bonus for transferring miles/points from their partners. This time around the bonus isn't as big and there aren't as many partners (12 only). You can earn up to 10,000 bonus Aeroplan miles (20% bonus). You can find the offer here.

Finally, you may recall over the past few weeks some of my posts on the new Canadian Marriott Rewards Premier Visa card and it's 30,000 point sign up bonus. Well thanks to Rob, who follows Rewards Canada, I have been made aware of a 50,000 point sign up bonus for the card! It looks like he got an email the same time I did (mine was only for 30K) and here is the screenshot of it:

So if you are planning to apply for this card I would recommend you call Chase at 1-888-530-2938 for it instead of doing it online and request the 50,000 point bonus mentioning the email.


  1. I try to call Chase for the 50,000 bonus points, they ask me for the promo code, Can anyone share the code?

    1. I asked Rob and he said there was no promo code in the email, just an apply now button.

    2. is that possible to share the link from the email?

    3. waiting for link too, thanks!

  2. That would be much appreciated if he can share the link

  3. Hoping for linK!

  4. I have not been able to get the link. According to this Flyertalk thread it looks like it is extremely targeted and they won't budge on the offer that your 'Marriott Rewards #' may be linked to.