Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Aeroplan Call Center: Reduced hours of operation

A heads up to those who like to or will be using the Aeroplan Call Center, as of June 1st the hours of operation will be reduced to the following:

0600-2100 Pacific time.

0700-2100 Eastern time.


  1. Reduced flights? It means that they are cutting expenses.

  2. I think almost all companies have resorted to this means if only to cut costs and expenses.

  3. Who could blame them if they really need to do some cost cutting, right?

  4. Well they seem to be cutting it even shorter.. I called at 8.30pm Pacific, its now 9.02pm and I think that they have gone home....Im wondering if I should let it go overnight and then post a screen shot?????? Same wonderful Tune...lalala lalala lala lalalalalalall....repeat!!!!