Friday, June 12, 2020

American Express AeroplanPlus cards see limited time enhanced earn rates on all purchases

Yet another boost for American Express cards. This time it's for their AeroplanPlus cards.

American Express let us know that "Both AeroplanPlus Platinum and AeroplanPlus Gold Cardmembers are eligible for the enhanced earn rates. AeroplanPlus Platinum Cardmembers can take advantage of a limited time enhanced earn rate of 1.5 Miles for every $1 in eligible purchases and AeroplanPlus Gold Cardmembers can enjoy 1.25 Miles for every $1 spent until August 31, 2020."

These are the some of the highest everyday earn rates for any cards in Canada that directly earn Aeroplan Miles (co-brand card) however it is still lower than The Platinum Card from American Express with its current double points on all purchases enhancement that sees it effectively earning 2 to 6 Aeroplan Miles per dollar spent until July 20. Nonetheless it is another great customer-centric move from American Express - they really have taken care of their cardmembers during this crisis. The fact that existing or new holders of AeroplanPlus cards will earn extra miles is awesome.

After this announcement of this offer almost all of Amex's Canadian cards - consumer and business - have seen some sort of increased earn or redeem offers in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The only cards left in Amex's portfolio that haven't seen anything come through are their AIR MILES co-brand cards and the Centurion Card. Well, who knows maybe there is something for the Centurion Card but very little of that card's promotions are ever made public. Honestly though the people who hold it don't need encouragement to go out and spend money on it so chances are it hasn't seen any earning boosts. Just speculation on my part though!

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