A look at the new benefits that have been added to all World & World Elite Mastercards in Canada

 Last week we brought you the details about new benefits that Mastercard Canada released on April 1st for their World and World Elite Mastercards. We focused on how the new Boingo benefit will be really enjoyed by those who hold the WestJet RBC World Elite Mastercard as it provides free Wi-Fi access on WestJet flights but this holds true for anyone who holds a World or World Elite Mastercard in Canada.

In this post we’ll look at that and all the other benefits that Mastercard has added for these cards.

Boingo Wi-Fi

All World and World Elite Mastercard holders in Canada now get Boingo Wi-Fi access at no extra cost and with no added fees. Boingo is available at over 1 million locations worldwide and also includes Wi-Fi on select airlines including WestJet. Learn more about and register for the Boingo offer here

Image via Boingo


World and World Elite Mastercard holders will receive $15 off their first order of $30 or more with Foodora. This is followed with an offer of $5 off every third order made with Foodora. Note that you must make the two previous orders in the same month to get the $5 off voucher, which is then valid for 30 days. Learn more about the Foodora offer here.

Image via Foodora


World and World Elite Mastercard holders will receive up to $20 in Ritual vouchers when you sign up for Ritual. The vouchers are awarded as one $5 voucher when you first join then you’ll get $5 vouchers after each order for your first three orders. You’ll also receive automatic Ritual Elite status for the first month and then that elite status continues as long as you place an order each month.  If you don’t you’ll then have to make 8 orders in the next month to regain that status. Finally you’ll also receive 1,000 bonus points each month that you purchase five hot beverages. Learn more about the Ritual offer here.

Image via Ritual

Mastercard Travel Rewards

The Mastercard Travel Rewards program that now comes standard on all Canadian World and World Elite Mastercards launched last year IIRC for cardmembers in other countries. I don’t recall if it was available to at least some Canadian cards prior to now but nonetheless it is here now.

Mastercard Canada describes their Travel Rewards programs as such:

Shop, dine and relax when you travel outside of Canada and receive
automatic cashback from participating merchants such as Target,
Bloomingdale’s and many, many more. 

These offers will definitely become more useful when the world returns to normal as some of the current offers like $5 off when you spend $100 at Target are only valid until June 30, 2020. You’ll want to make sure you check the Mastercard Travel Rewards website frequently before you travel so that you know which stores to use your Mastercard at and even before you book hotels as they do have offers such as a $50 statement credit when you spend $500 at Loews Hotels. Learn more about Mastercard Travel Rewards here.

Example of a Mastercard Travel Rewards offer

These new benefits add to existing ones like the Mastercard Airport Experiences provided by LoungeKey and Priceless Cities experiences. The Mastercard Airport Experiences provides business class lounge access and other airport benefits at over 1,000 airports around the world while Priceless Cities provides over 2,000 experiences around the globe.

As we have already mentioned these benefits now apply to any and all World and World Elite Mastercards in Canada.

Here’s just a small list of World and World Elite cards in Canada that these new benefits come standard on now:

Word on the street is that Mastercard isn’t done yet and there will be more benefits coming in the future – primarily in their Digital Everyday offers category that Foodora and Ritual fall into. It is these type of benefit additions that are key to trying to differentiate and compete among card issuers. Mastercard does appear to be taking a stab at Visa Infinite and Infinite Privilege cards and as we have mentioned time after time for many years these type of additions are necessary as there isn’t much room left to compete on the actual rewards side of things.

Learn more about all these new and existing benefits here.


 Unless otherwise noted all images via Mastercard