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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Earn up to 300 Bonus AIR MILES Reward Miles with the airmilesshops Mix & Match promotion

Yesterday AIR MILES launched the 2019 version of the airmilesshops.ca Mix & Match promotion. With this offer you can earn up to 300 bonus AIR MILES Reward Miles for shopping online via the airmilesshops.ca portal. To earn the bonus miles you have to shop at online retailers from various categories. You'll earn 50 bonus miles if you shop from two different categories and 300 bonus miles if you shop from three or more categories. There is a minimum $50 spend requirement for each purchase to be eligible.

These are the separate categories:

All purchases have to be made by March 18 (23:59.59 ET) to be eligible for the bonus. We always stress that you should do as much of your online shopping via these online portals so that you can earn the extra miles and bonuses like these are just icing on the cake!

Find out more about the 2019 Mix & Match Promotion here!

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