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Friday, October 12, 2018

Marriott 29 Ways to Stay contest - Enter to win free stays and free points (daily entry)

Marriott has finally launched their 29 Ways to Stay contest. It seems that it was delayed by almost a week but it found its legs and was launched yesterday. You can play everyday to win prizes and I missed entering yesterday but did enter today. I noticed they must still be having issues because after logging in and getting to the play the contest page there were some technical difficulties. You have to play a matching game and when the cards flipped over there was nothing - just a blank white space. That made it hard to match but after some random clicking it stated that a match was made where you answer a question. Two more matches (a total of 6 cards) after some random clicking garnered more questions and finally a win:

I won 50 points today! Woohoo! That is the most common prize for the whole contest although there are other point winning possibilities:
 And of course you have the bigger stay prizes:
(1) Grand Prize of twenty-nine (29) 2-night stays at each of the 29 brands and One hundred and seventy-four (174) 4-night stays

You can enter the contest here! 

 Let us know how it goes for you!  Did you win points? A free stay? Have blank cards like we did? Tell us in the comments section!

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