Thursday, November 2, 2017

Earn 4% cash back in the first 4 months with the BMO SPC CashBack Mastercard;dc_trk_aid=408064732;dc_trk_cid=92096970;dc_lat=;dc_rdid=;tag_for_child_directed_treatment=

Alright students there is a new lucrative offer out for the BMO SPC CashBack Mastercard! If you don't have this card right now would be a time to consider it since it will award 4% cash back on all eligible purchases in the first four months of having the card. This is one of the highest returns we have ever seen on a no annual fee cash back card! The bonus ends after four months or $3,125 in spending, whichever comes first. The bonus before this offer was a $60 cash back sign up offer while this new bonus allows you earn up to $125 cash back so it can richer than the old offer as long as you can funnel enough spending on the card.

BMO SPC®** CashBack® Mastercard®*

Get 4% cashback in your first 4 months*
- and there’s No annual fee
- SPC discounts (Student Price Card Ltd.) of 10% to 15% at hundreds of your favourite stores*
- Earn 1% CashBack on ALL card purchases* without restrictions!*
- Interest Rate: Purchases 19.99% Cash Advances 22.99%

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