Friday, June 30, 2017

Credit Card Showdown! BMO World Elite Mastercard vs. Capital One® Aspire Travel™ World Elite Mastercard®

A few weeks ago we released a case study which has proved to be extremely popular and inadvertently brought us to this feature! The case study brought about some questions not in the comparison of what was actually presented in it but rather in two of the fixed return travel cards and how they fare against each other. This has lead us to resurrect our Credit Card Showdown feature which has been dormant for several years now!

Past credit card showdowns:
The two cards in question are the BMO Rewards World Elite Mastercard and the Capital One® Aspire Travel™ World Elite Mastercard®. Questions arose in the comments of the Case Study and also via email to us. What you'll see in this showdown is that the cards are evenly matched in many regards but there are several categories where one card comes out ahead of the other that makes it the clear winner in this showdown.

Continue on to the main Rewards Canada website to find out which card takes this showdown!

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