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Friday, January 8, 2016

American AAdvantage offering Executive Platinum status for those who have United Premier 1K status - no challenge required - meant for Brazil but others are getting it!

I originally posted this on the Frequent Flyer Bonuses blog but think it is newsworthy enough for us here in Canada as I know there a few of you here in the Great White North who are United Premier 1Ks! Try out the Skype call to AA Brazil to see if you can get your UA 1K matched to AA EXP!

Thanks to long time FFB supporter Eloy who runs the Brazilian miles blog Mestre Das Milhas who let us know about this status match! Most of you know about American AAdvantage Status challenges that carry a fee of $120 for Gold or $200 for Platinum and require earning a set amount of EQMs within 3 months (See this FlyerTalk thread for complete details) but if you hold United Premier 1K status and live in Brazil you can get matched right up to EXP.

Eloy reached out to AAdvantage and they have confirmed that they are matching United Premier 1K Status to their own Executive Platinum! We're not sure how long this offer will last so you better do it now and not wait as it could be pulled at any time. You can read Eloy's post about this offer here (use Google Translate if you don't read Portuguese). There doesn't appear to be a web page for this offer rather you have to call in to AAdvantage Brazil to request the match and if the agent doesn't know about it, hang up and call back and hope you get another agent!

UPDATE!!! According to Eloy you may not have to be from Brazil to get the status match! You just have to contact AA in Brazil!!
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