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Monday, July 13, 2015

Spire is the new IHG Rewards Club Top Tier Elite Level

We're back after a week off on vacation!

Back in April we let you know about some changes happening to IHG Rewards Club and one of those was the launch of a new Top Tier Elite Level. We now know the full details of that level, including the name: Spire.

Here is where the name comes from (taken from IHG's Press Release)
About the Spire Elite name
‘Spire’ is derived from the old English word ‘spir’ - a shoot or a stalk of grass standing out amongst the others. It is awe inspiring, exceptional and a symbol of prestige. It conveys a sense of dedication and an aspirational attitude: going above and beyond; the sky is the limit. The name connotes a strong sense of prestige, elevated stature, and worthiness of admiration, along with a sense of dedication and an aspirational attitude, which is in line with how IHG Rewards Club sees its most loyal members who would qualify for this tier.
 As we mentioned in April the new tier is awarded to members who earn 75,000 qualifying reward points or stay at an IHG hotel for 75 qualifying nights, over the course of a calendar year.  Remember that IHG tightened the rules of qualifying points which means only base points earned from stays, partner points (car rental, credit card spend, etc.) count towards those requirements. Buying points, bonus points on stays, credit card sign up bonuses do not count.

Once you reach the new Spire Elite level you'll earn 100% extra bonus points on qualifying stays and you will also be able to choose between receiving 25,000 points, or upgrading a friend or family member to Platinum. I'm guessing most of you will grab the points since Platinum status is quite weak within IHG Rewards Club. The 100% bonus on stays is also a nice boost considering you need as little as 5,000 points for an award night (IHG PointBreaks of course!)

Also with the new elite level comes changes to other levels with Gold now being achievable with only 10,000 points or 10 stays and Platinum with 40,000 points or 40 stays. Here is a look at the all the elite levels within IHG Rewards Club:

Those of you who have already reached the 75,000 points or 75 stay requirement should be Spire Elites! If you haven't checked your account in the last few days be sure to do so as you'll be able to choose your benefit of the points or platinum status. You can find our more about this level and the rest of the elite levels here.


  1. I read post at the point guy that several persons signed up for 80K card and they received email stating that they achieved the spire elite and they were offered the 25K as well and accepted it. I am not sure if this applies only to U.S. residents or to Canadians as well.

  2. I haven't heard anything yet! Perhaps some of our readers who hold the Capital One IHG Rewards Club card can comment if their 60K from the card has counted towards the Spire status.