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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Destinations you can fly to with WestJet dollars

We've been asked when we release various rankings on the site, how come WestJet dollars didn’t make it into our Top 5 Travel Rewards Currencies or why is it only second in the airline category in our Top 5 Travel Rewards Credit Cards. While there are many factors involved, one of the major factors is the inability to get to various locations around the World with WestJet dollars. Sure WestJet flies to Glasgow and Dublin and numerous points in Mexico and the Caribbean which are great to use your WestJet dollars on, but you can’t get to Paris, Cape Town or Melbourne with them, yet.

WestJet however has been expanding their codeshare services with American Airlines and Delta Airlines whereby flights actually flown by those two airlines carry WestJet's code. That means you can buy a ticket with a WestJet flight number and ticket for flights that are actually on American or Delta metal. Since it is a WestJet flight number that means you can actually redeem WestJet dollars against those flights although for those codeshares originating in a U.S. city you must fly on an actual WestJet flight to that connecting city first. For example WestJet codeshares on Delta between Seattle and Anchorage. You can't book that flight alone but you can book Calgary-Seattle-Anchorage all on Delta with WestJet's codes.

Other than the announcement two weeks ago of further codes on Delta out of Seattle the current list of cities that are served by WestJet partners which you can redeem WestJet dollars on are as follows:

As you can see, between AA and DL you have access to a wide variety of cities across the U.S. to which many WestJet Rewards members and WestJet RBC MasterCard cardholders may have been unaware of that they could use their WestJet dollars for.

Have you redeemed WestJet dollars yet for any of these routes? What was your experience? Let us know by commenting below!

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