Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Great KLM Business Class Sale for flights between Canada and Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia

The twice annual KLM Business Class sale is back and we're seeing fares lower than in 2014!! This is a much anticipated sale for many including my parents who just booked YYC-PRG for $3,299 all in. Last year it was $200-$300 more than that. The great thing about this sale is that it is even good for travel over the extremely busy summer season. Fares start as low as $2899 for Eastern Canada departures to Europe and $3299 for travel out of Western Canada. Some of the routes to really look at are  $3199/$3599 to Cape Town South Africa and $3299 to Bangkok, Singapore or Ho Chi Minh City! You have until February 22nd to book for travel between April 13 (of course Spring break is out!) and August 31, 15

To have a look at all the offers or to book please click here!

If you prefer to fly Air France, they have the same rates from Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver! Book online at airfrance.ca

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