Friday, November 28, 2014

Today Only: Earn 100 Bonus Air Miles for every $100 spent on gift cards at Safeway

The great deal of 55 Air Miles for $50 Gift Cards ended yesterday (I ended up buying 6 cards for 330 Air Miles) and now for today only, Safeway has come out with another deal. You will earn 100 Bonus Air Miles for every $100 spent on Gift Cards at Safeway up to a maximum of 500 Air Miles (or $500 spent). What makes this offer better in some ways than the 55 Air Miles deal is that the previous offer was limited to select retailers while this offer is for all gift cards other than Safeway, Pre Paid Credit Cards and LCBO gift cards. You can find all the details here but no coupon is required.

Remember to use a credit card that earns extra miles or points on grocery store purchases!


  1. Thanks for highlighting this... I bought $500 of Canadian Tire cards and used them on new winter tires... and got Canadian Tire money for redeeming them! Triple dip with the credit card points too. :)

  2. Hi Steve

    Glad you were able to take advantage of it and earn Canadian Tire money as well. This is a great tip and I will pass it along to our readers!