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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sobeys chooses to go with Air Miles in Western Canada, Club Sobeys to be wound down

When the parent company of Sobeys announced they were buying Safeway Canada the one question many points collectors had was "who will Sobeys go with Aeroplan or Air Miles" since Sobeys in the West offers Aeroplan Miles via the Club Sobeys program while Safeway and Sobeys in Atlantic Canada offers Air Miles. We have the answer now, truth be told the answer came out on June 24th and somehow we missed it so we are bringing this news to you a bit late!

Sobeys has decided to go with Air Miles for the stores in Western Canada which of course is good news for Air Miles members but not so good news for Aeroplan members. Sobeys will actually be winding down their Club Sobeys program for their Sobeys and Thrifty Food stores in the West as they move to only awarding Air Miles. The change will take place on September 15th when they will no longer be an Aeroplan partner. However for those of you in Ontario, Club Sobeys will continue as is so you will still be able to earn Aeroplan miles shopping at Sobeys Ontario locations.

For me I am little disappointed as I am primarily an Aeroplan earner and my grocery store of convenience is Sobeys (only 2 minutes from my house) but I do value convenience so I only assume that my Air Miles balance will start growing as there won't be any grocery options for earning Aeroplan miles in Calgary. When the program winds down out West here this September I'll have earned close to or may even reach 80,000 Aeroplan miles by shopping at Sobeys

We'd love to hear your comments on Sobeys choice to go with the Air Miles program. Are you going to switch grocery stores or are you going to be like me and more than likely start increasing your Air Miles balance?



  1. While I'm disappointed, in some ways it helps me make the decision to shop elsewhere. I hate Airmiles, and only shopped at Sobey's due to the hefty 10x the Club Sobeys (meaning 5 Aeroplan miles perj $1) coupons I would get in the mail every other week. Sobey's is so pricey that it almost wasn't worth it anyway. Now I won't shop there at all.

  2. Hopefully, Aeroplan will have its star challenge before this happens. Most of my stars came from Sobeys last year.

  3. I thinking it won't happen in time. The Star Challenge is planned for later this year after Summer. With Sobey's winding up Sep 15, even if the Challenge starts before that Sobeys more than likely won't count.

  4. I'm probably going to be dumping Thrifty Foods (Sobeys on Vancouver Island) and shop local. The Aeroplan was the only thing that kept me shopping there after the Sobeys takeover. It's too expensive. I'm really hoping that Aeroplan can sign someone else up. And with Air Miles upcoming miles deletion in 2017, what little miles I do have are going to expire. I wish I could covert my Air Miles to Aeroplan. Air Miles really sucks and is poorly managed. Hood grief, they still use a four number pin to get into your account on the website. How not secure is that?

    Me? A lost customer to them.