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Monday, May 5, 2014

US Airways: Up to a 100% Bonus when buying or gifting Dividend Miles

As we mentioned last week, US Airways was to launch their latest buy miles promotion on May 3rd and here it is:

Earn up to 100% Bonus Dividend Miles when you buy or gift Dividend Miles. Full details Until May 25, 14

Buy/Gift Bonus
10,000 - 19,000 Miles 50%
20,000 - 29,000 Miles 75%
30,000 - 50,000 Miles 100%

The promo allows you to buy up to 50,000 miles (so 100,000 in total with the bonus) at 3.5 cents per mile (effective rate is 1.75 cents per mile) plus taxes of $131.25 for total of $1881.25 (1.88 cents per mile). Considering that can get you an International business class ticket with this many miles between that can cost a lot more than that, this is a good deal! We do advise to only purchase however if you know you are going to use to miles soon as it is never good to sit on the miles for a long time due to possible program devaluations that can come at any time. Since US Airways allows 3 day holds on award tickets you can always find the award flights you want before you buy the miles and therefore you don't have dole out a hefty chunk of change just in case you cannot find availability for your preferred award flights.

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