Tuesday, April 8, 2014

US Airways devalues Canada to North Asia award flight redemption rate and adds second high level award tier

The other bad news to bring you today comes from US Airways.

To bring itself inline with American AAdvantage's rate for travel to North Asia from North America, US Airways has, without advance notice, increased the amount of miles required for business class redemptions. This change will take affect on June 1st and sees the rate increase by 20,000 miles from 90,000 to 110,000. While 110,000 is still not a bad redemption value the lack of notice is disheartening and we find it kind of odd that they only increase the business class amount..... wait... no we don't. That redemption was most likely the most popular one that people took advantage of with the consistent US Airways 100% bonus on buying Dividend Miles as you could buy 50,000 get 50,000 as a bonus and have that business class to Asia with miles to spare and having spent under $2,000. What we really do find odd is that haven't touched first class, you can get a first class award on the same North Asia route for only 10,000 more miles.....

They have also added one higher high level award tier to put themselves inline with the same changes from American AAdvantage todday. (think Aeroplan's Market Fare Awards):

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