Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Earn 3,500 Aeroplan Miles by simply test driving Volvos!

Volvo became an Aeroplan partner in 2013 and when they did they offered up to 75,000 bonus Aeroplan miles for buying a Volvo plus many other ways to earn miles for service and parts but one was free miles and that was for test driving a Volvo. That original offer is back now and Aeroplan members can earn 250 Aeroplan miles each time they test drive a Volvo. However until the end of the month their is another Volvo offer running that is for 2,500 Aeroplan Miles for test driving a 2015 Volvo V60 Sportswagon.
Screen shot of one of the Aeroplan Volvo offers

So how can you earn the 3,500 miles?

First go test drive the V60 Sportswagon before April 30th to get the 2,500 miles from the first Volvo offer then wait 30 days and go test drive another Volvo to get the 250 miles, wait 30 days, test drive again and so on until the end of the second promotion on August 31st. All told you should be able to come away with 3,500 Aeroplan miles simply by test driving Volvos!
Screen shot of the other Aeroplan Volvo offer

Click here for details on the 2,500 miles V60 offer
Click here for details on the 250 miles and up to 75,000 miles if you buy offer


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