Thursday, November 7, 2013

Canadians Pick their Top Travel Rewards Credit Cards for 2013 - Results of our Canada's Choice Vote!

By now It is common knowledge that Canadians love their travel reward programs.  But with more than 75 travel reward credit cards to choice from, knowing which ones score top marks among Canadians might make picking the right card a littler easier.

From September to October 2013, polled more than 17,000 users to find the answers as part of its third annual ‘Canada Choice’ travel reward credit card study.

The results were stunning. Of the five travel reward categories, RBC claimed top marks in three including:
Travel Points (with no annual fee): RBC Rewards Visa Gold Card
Hybrid: RBC Visa Infinite Avion
Airline: WestJet RBC World Elite MasterCard

Other Winners included
Travel Points (with annual fee): American Express Air Miles Platinum Credit Card
Hotel: The Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card from American Express

To view all the results of ‘Canada’s Choice’ visit

"There have been significant changes to the Canadian Travel Reward Credit Card landscape and these survey results come at a time when people are looking for guidance on choosing the right card,” said Patrick Sojka of  “While our study captures the popular choices, it’s always best for Canadians to pick are card based on need. is the definitive choice for Canadians looking for helping in choosing the right card. With online tools, news and updates and complete analysis, RewardsCanada provides Canadians with the groundwork for choosing a loyalty program and.

Rewards Canada offer the following five tips in selecting the right travel reward credit card:

1. Check under the hood -- make sure you understand how the earning and redemption mechanics of the card work including expiring policies for programs that issue miles or points
2. Set a travel goal -- knowing when and where you want travel will go along way in helping you narrow down the appropriate card
3. Hey Big Spender -- Do the math and have a realistic idea of how much spending you'll put through your card each year
4. PIck a card and stick to it -- once you identified your card it's critical you put all your spending through the card -- splitting you spend among several cards only delays your time to redemption
5. Fee or Free -- Most annual fee card pay for themselves with a one week car rental when you decline the rental car company's insurance and use the coverage from your credit card

This feature is a continuation of’s “Guide to Choosing a Travel Rewards Credit Card” which is aimed at helping the Canadian consumer choose the right travel rewards credit card for them.

What are your thoughts on this year's Canada's Choice?


  1. Really? AMEX Gold didn't win anything?

    AMEX Air Miles Platinum won? Seriously?

    Wow.... I am completely shocked, especially since it even outdid itself by raising the welcome bonus from 15K to 25K AMEX MR

    Like AMEX told us in their survey results... people really don't research and simply stay with their bank-issued products. Sigh...

  2. Hey Jerry

    Yes the results are on the shocking side. It shows the power of the big banks and coalition programs. RBC is a big bank with lots of cardholders and they reached out to that large member base to vote.

    Have to agree that not enough people do research before picking a credit card, we are trying to change that and am sure we've definitely helped some Canadians but there a lots more beyond that.

  3. Amazing that RBC won in 3 cats...people must be nervous about TD and CIBC's offerings with both having Aeroplan product come 2014...Wow!

  4. Yes I think the TD/CIBC/Aeroplan confusion affect the ranking of CIBC's Aerogold Infinite this year. In fact why would you vote for a card that you may not have in two months time? Hence the big change in the airline category.

  5. RBC's Avion winning makes no sense if people would actually compare even a little. The new BMO World Elite MasterCard is head and heals above it.
    Where Avion only give you a 2% return at the certain levels based on the old way of short haul long haul and $ values, then "allows" you to pay for the rest (overage in fare, fees, taxes, fuel surcharges etc etc ) at only 1%, BMO gives you 2% for the whole fare including all fees and taxes, plus its insurance is longer and includes other perks like the Priority Lounge access around the world I have no idea how anyone can even consider Avion anymore unless you are stuck with RBC.
    Look around RBC folks, WAY BETTER CARDS out there.