Tuesday, September 3, 2013

BMO Rewards World Elite MasterCard sign up bonus increased to 30,000 points ($300 value)

As we correctly guessed in August, to account for the change in the redemption ratio on the BMO World Elite MasterCard, the sign up bonus has been increased to 30,000 points (or a $300 travel credit value). 

To remind you of the changes on the card the card now offers 2 points per dollar spent and a new redemption ratio of 100 points = $1 in travel credit. Which means this card has moved from 1.9% return to a 2% return. I hope that many of you waited to apply for this card since we posted the info in August as your sign up bonus will only be worth $150 (or $200 if you used the special golf link offering 20,000 points). For more details on the card please visit here.


  1. It would appear that this card is more beneficial than the Capital One World Aspire Card as while its sign up bonus is less, it does not penalize its customers when they execute redemptions. I and another family member lost a few hundred dollars each on air fare redemptions. Any opinions?

    1. It really depends on the redemption, with the Cap One Aspire as long as you are over $600 or use the ticket split feature you shouldn't be losing any value. But the BMO World Elite much like the Amex Gold, TD Visa, Diners Club etc. allows you to do partial redemptions without losing value. For some people, yes the BMO World Elite would be more beneficial than the Cap One Aspire while for some others it wouldn't be.