Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Aeroplan Volvo Partnership: 250 Free Aeroplan Miles for test driving a Volvo (and more if you buy/service one!)

Aeroplan has just announced a new partnership with Volvo Canada whereby members can now Aeroplan miles with the car company. If you are looking for free miles or need to keep your account active then this partnership is great as it offers 250 Aeroplan Miles simply for test driving a Volvo. Aeroplan members can also earn miles for buying/leasing a Volvo, accessories and even on servicing your Volvo.

Here is the earning structure as detailed in this morning's press release from Aeroplan:
  • Test Drive – Earn 250 miles for a test drive of any new Volvo vehicle;
  • Vehicle Purchase/Lease – On an ongoing basis members will be able to earn a minimum of 25,000 miles on all qualifying Volvo vehicles. In addition, from September 4th - October 31st, members can earn up to 75,000 miles for the purchase of a qualifying Volvo vehicle. See full details on specific models; 
  • Vehicle Accessories – Earn 1 mile for every $1 spent for the purchase of Volvo parts and accessories;
  • Vehicle Servicing – Earn 1 mile for every $1 spent on vehicle servicing.
Also from the press release: "To celebrate the launch of this exciting new partnership, Volvo will be offering Aeroplan Members some exclusive offers throughout September 4th – October 31st, including double Aeroplan Bonus miles for every $1 spent on all after sales vehicle services. "

For more details on the new partnership visit

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