Friday, October 12, 2012

Stash Hotel Rewards Flash Sale: Hotel Andra Seattle for 2,000 points

Following their offering a 2,000 Point redemption award for stays at Affinia Hotels in NYC and the Elan Hotel in LA, Stash Hotel Rewards next flash sale will be offering a 2,000 Point redemption award for stays in Seattle The offer will be up for grabs next week. Here are the details:

10 rooms at Hotel Ändra in Seatte for only 2000 Stash points per room, for stay dates in November through January. 2000 Stash points is nearly 90% less than typical redemption rates at this hotel during this time period, so this is an amazing deal.

More info on Hotel Ändra can be found here: 
Complete details will be posted next week on Stash’s Facebook and Twitter pages. The details will include specific directions on how members can redeem 2000 points for a free night at the Hotel Ändra. The offer is limited to 10 rooms, first-come-first-served.

For our Rewards Canada Readers you can get half way to this reward by joining Stash Hotel Rewards via our special 1,000 point sign up link:

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