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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Which Credit Card Earns the Most Aeroplan Miles?

UPDATED FOR 2014: See our new post here

Occasionally I get asked the question: "Which credit card can you earn the most Aeroplan miles with?" What better way to show to answer to that question than in Rewards Canada's first Infographic. This Infographic pulls data from the full Rewards Canada feature with 10 different spending scenarios which can be found here. As always feel free to leave your comments below.

You can find more spending scenarios on our site here. For more information on all of the cards please follow the links!

Links to the cards
CIBC Aerogold / Aventura Cards
American Express Gold Rewards Card
Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card from American Express
The Platinum Card from American Express
MBNA Best Western Rewards MasterCard
Chase Marriott Rewards Visa


  1. Thank you for this interesting chart. The only reason I question its usefulness is because so many merchants do not accept American Express. Therefore, even though their cards may provide more air miles points, one can accumulate fewer points than with the CIBC Visa, for example, which all merchants will accept.

  2. Ummm...really? High spend scenario of 40% spend on gas, groceries and drugs? That's $48k...I doubt it. If I'm spending $4k a month on this stuff, I'm so beyond "high level spending". Also, alot of these cards don't even have Aeroplan miles as their rewards offering...why is there a Best Western card on here? This graph is useless...

  3. @marilyn while it is true about Amex not being accepted as widely as Visa or MC the gap has been closing. Most mom and pop shops may not take Amex but most major retailers do. That being said I should have put the same disclaimer here as I did on the main page at about not using this single one feature as the determining choice for a credit card but rather the need to look at lots factors.

  4. @anonymous whether the spend is 10% or 40% on gas grocery drug store (mine is around 35% of my credit card spend that is why I took 30 and 40% as the benchmarks) the results would be pretty much the same except the Platinum Card from Amex could come out on top in more scenarios when considering a lower gas grocery drug store spend. As to the Best Western and other hotel cards, all these programs have conversion options to Aeroplan, that is why they were included.

  5. I think this is great information, but it would be interesting to also factor in the annual fee for each card--then tell me the cost per Aeroplan point.... Amex Gold is $150, CIBC Aerogold is $120...

    1. If you only get the primary card the CIBC Visa comes out cheaper on annual fee, although the Amex Gold Rewards Card is free the first year. That being said some people are asking for and receiving the first year free on the CIBC Aerogold.

      If you have two cards (primary and supplementary) than Amex comes out cheaper since supp. cards are free, so if you have 2 cards it is $150 with Amex and $170 with CIBC

  6. How does RBC Visa Aeroplan rank?

    1. how does rbc rate with aeroplan miles for mergindise?

    2. There is no RBC Aeroplan Visa.

      For merchandise they both aren't that good in terms of rate of return. Depending on what you redeem for you get a .25 to 1% rate of return

  7. Now AeroplanPlus card can earn you more miles: 30k sign up bonus and first year free if you apply through referral link: