Wednesday, April 8, 2020

April 8 Update: Alaska Airlines extending paid lounge access memberships, 500 free iPrefer points in your email, update to our COVID-19 page

Yesterday we brought you the news about Alaska Airlines providing elite status extending elite status and voucher and wanted to let you know they are also extending memberships in their paid lounge access program by six months. (Source Alaska Airlines)

If you are a Preferred Hotel Group iPrefer member be sure to check your email for a survey that will net you 500 free iPrefer points. I received mine on April 6. The link in the email is individualized so I won't be sharing it here.

We've now added a drop down menu for easier navigation of our COVID-19 page:


Remember to visit and bookmark our COVID-19 resource page where we are keeping you up to date with all the latest airline, hotel, lounges and loyalty program news, policies, closures and more.
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Indigo plum PLUS members enjoy 2x plum points on all purchases* (Until April 30)

Enterprise: Student Travel Assistance – Waiving young renter fees and reducing the minimum age to 18 for rentals through May 31, 2020. Find out more here

Missfresh: Simplify your life with 45% off your first 2 consecutive orders with code SIMPLIFY45. Find out more here.

Canadian Bonus Offers

Air Canada Aeroplan / Altitude
- Earn up to 5x Aeroplan Miles when you shop online via the Aeroplan eStore at select fashion retailers. More... Until Apr 19, 20

Other Bonus Offers

JAL Mileage Bank
- Triple Mileage Bank Miles for stays at the Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort, Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort or Waikiki Beachcomber by Outrigger. More... Until Mar 31, 21

Marriott Bonvoy
- 2,000 Bonus Bonvoy Points PER NIGHT for stays at the Four Points by Sheraton Ontario-Rancho Cucamonga. More... Until Jun 15, 20
- 1,000 Bonus Bonvoy Points PER NIGHT for up to five nights at The Westin Charlotte. More... Until Jun 24, 20

Miles & More
- Earn up to 10x Miles & More Miles when you rent with Hertz for 1 or more days Worldwide. More... Book by Jun 30 for rentals until Dec 15, 20

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Marriott Bonvoy now extending elite status of members to February 2022

We've seen many airline and hotel programs providing elite status extensions over the past few weeks and now Marriott has joined the ranks. Early on Marriott provided a pause on the expiring of points and extensions of free night awards but held off on any news about elite status extensions or reduced qualification requirements. Now we have news of extensions for anyone who earned status from 2019 but still no word about reduced qualification requirements for those who do not have status.

Here are the details as provided by Marriott:
Status Extension: We want you to be able to enjoy the status that you earned in 2019. With that in mind, the status you earned in 2019 will be extended to February 2022. 
Points Expiration: To provide you ample time to redeem points, the expiration of points will be paused until February 2021. At that time, your points will only expire if your account has been inactive for at least 24 months. 
Suite Night Awards (SNAs): We have extended the expiration of suite night awards by one year from December 31, 2020 to December 31, 2021. 
Free Night Award (FNA): Members who currently have an active Free Night Award (FNA) expiring in 2020 as part of their credit card benefit, annual choice benefit, promotions or travel package will be able to use it through January 31, 2021. (Exception: Members in mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and Taiwan the Free Night Awards will be extended 12 months into 2021 from the date of expiration).
The great news is that your 2020 status will now be valid until February 2020 instead of February 2021 - a full year of extra status.

A screen shot from my wife's account as she is the primary Marriott Bonvoy member in the Rewards Canada household stating the elite status extension:

As to points expiration, this has been extended even further. Originally Marriott was not going to expire any points that were due to be lost by August 31, 2020. Now that is pushed back to February 2021. Remember Marriott points don't expiry if you have some sort activity at least once every 2 years.

Suite Night and Free Night Awards extensions have not changed since the previous announcement. We have two Free Night Awards set to expire this September which means they should be extended to January 31, 2021. The expiry dates have not changed yet in the account so I'll be sure to keep an eye on those. These Free Night Awards include those provided as an anniversary bonus from the Marriott Bonvoy American Express card, so if you have the card and received the certificate in mid to late 2019 it should be extended as well.

The only news we are now awaiting from Marriott Bonvoy is if they will be reducing the criteria required for earning elite status. Holding out is something many programs seem to be doing as I think they are hoping there will be a return to somewhat normal travel sooner than later. If that's not the case, which seems likely, we may see these programs revisit that topic based on if and when we see that resumption in travel..

Again, this is good news from the Marriott Bonvoy program to now be following in the footsteps of other hotel and airline programs in providing elite status extensions.

Learn more about this announcement here.

The ultimate guide to earning miles, points, and cash back for online shopping and food delivery services

Based on the current situation many find ourselves in right now online shopping and food delivery are at the forefront of our shopping habits so it seems only fitting to provide a more detailed guide about online shopping. We've done it in the past for holiday and back to school shopping so you'll find many of those elements in this guide albeit with more of a focus on everyday shopping.

There was a 2014 report from Loyalty Magazine that stated 94% of all global consumers now shop online at some level and 35% of these online shoppers are making at least one purchase per week. Fast forward to the COVID-19 pandemic and my guess is that 35% of one purchase per week has now shot up to at least double that with most people staying home and social distancing. However even if 70% or 80% or more are now shopping once per week online there are still a large percentage of those who don't know they can be earning more miles,  points or cash back on those online purchases!
Image via Great Canadian Rebates
 The great thing about shopping online is that there are multiple avenues to earn miles, points or cash back on so many of those purchases. First you can earn miles or points on the credit card used for the purchase, second many retailers have their own loyalty program where you can earn on those purchases and finally many stand alone loyalty programs have online shopping portals whereby you can earn miles for shopping at those retailers online.

For Canadians the best online shopping portals are Aeroplan's eStore, AIR MILES, Rakuten and Great Canadian Rebates. That being said if you are planning on shopping at U.S. or International retailers who ship to Canada (or to your U.S. mail forwarder) you can also add in programs like Alaska Airlines, United MileagePlus, American AAdvantage and many others!

The process to earn miles, points or cash back is quite simple however here is a step by step guide to how to earn the most miles, points and cash back when shopping online:
    1. Surf to the online shopping portal you wish to use (we have links below)
    2. Log in with your credentials 
    3. Search the portal for the store you want to shop at (if it's not there, go back to Step 1 with the next shopping portal)
      Hint: Check multiple portals to see who is offering the best earn rate (ie a bonus) 
    4. Click on the 'Shop Now' or whatever button that portal uses 
    5. You are then taken to that retailer's website.
      Tip: Do not close that window before your complete your purchase. If you do, go back to Step 4 and start over 
    6. Before finalizing your order be sure to log in or supply your credentials for that retailer's loyalty program. For example, Indigo - by logging in you can earn your Plum points for the purchase as well. Or retailers like Lowe's you simply add your AIR MILES number during check out 
    7. Pay with a miles, points or cash back earning credit card

      Here are the links to most online rewards earning virtual shopping malls:

      Canadian Online Shopping Portals

      U.S. Online Shopping Portals

      International Online Shopping Portals
      If we are missing any please let us know below and we'll add them to the list!

      Current bonus offers for these portals:

      You'll also need to know that due to the COVID-19 situation has become even more popular which has led them to no longer participate in these online portals. So you'll only earn points, miles or cashback with whatever credit card you use.

      If you want to find out what U.S. retailers are participating in an online points or miles mall? Check out and search your favourite stores to see where you can earn points or miles. When you do shop at online retailers from the U.S. or overseas you could and should utilize a credit that offers No Foreign Transaction fees like the HSBC World Elite Mastercard or the  Scotia Passport Visa Infinite card

      Recommended reading: No Foreign Transaction Fee Credit Cards for Canadians 

      Now these shopping portals are not the only places being flooded right now due to increased online shopping demand. There are services that people will be making more use of right now during this time of having to stay home and the biggie here are food delivery services. From Skip the Dishes to Instacart to Chef's Plate - you name it they have all seen a huge increase in demand. Some of these services like Hello Fresh are actually found on some of these portals so you can earn some miles, points or cash back when you first subscribe to them. However after that you'll want to maximize the miles or points you earn with the credit card you use for those purchases. The best card for the majority of these is by far the American Express Cobalt Card - it earns 5x points with Skip the Dishes, Hello Fresh, Instacart, DoorDash and so on. Without going into deep detail on the card those 5 points per dollar translates to the following returns 3.5% for cash back, 5% for any travel, up to 10% for Amex' Fixed Travel redemption and 6%-10+% for Marriott point conversions.  Before you say that Amex isn't accepted at some of the more popular grocery stores (looking at the Loblaw family of stores primarily) you can use Instacart as a workaround since they count as a 5x merchant and accept Amex.  For more details I recommend reading our article: "Use Instacart to circumvent Loblaw stores non-acceptance of Amex and to earn 5x points with the Cobalt Card"

      Here's a screenshot of just one purchase we personally made via Instacart to have groceries delivered from Real Canadian Superstore:

      As you can see we earned 5x points for using our Amex Cobalt card for the purchase. And we still earned our PC Optimum Points as you simply input your number on Instacart's website. This screenshot is from another purchase we made via Instacart:

      Other food delivery options to check out and maximize with credit cards are Foodora and Ritual as both now have offers with Mastercard Canada. These offers are exclusive to World or World Elite Mastercards like the BMO AIR MILES World Elite Mastercard, Tangerine World Mastercard, Rogers World Elite Mastercard and many others! For example, the Foodora offer provides $15 off your first order of $30 or more - that's a significant savings!  

      Recommended reading: A look at the new benefits that have been added to all World & World Elite Mastercards in Canada

      And don't forget that  AIR MILES added Uber Eats and Door Dash as Cash Miles redemption options so you can save some cash by getting evouchers to use for those food delivery options.

      Finally many local restaurants are now offeriing delivery and take out service as they are closed for sit down service. For all these restaurants make sure you use a credit card that maximizes dining purhcases - there are quite a few that accelerate dining purchases from the Capital One Mastercard Exclusively for Costco members to the Scotiabank Gold American Express card and many more in between!
      There you have it - a nice little guide to making sure you maximize your miles, points and cash back earning for your online shopping, food delivery services and more. If there is something I missed please let me know and I'll add to this guide. And yes like many of our guides it could be twice as long as this but if you're like me there's only so much I can read at once!

      Earn up to 5x Aeroplan Miles with Aeroplan eStore's Spring Fashion Event

      Online shopping has always a great way to earn more miles, points and cash back thanks to online shopping portals from various loyalty programs. However now with the world in the state that it is in now online shopping has become an even more important part of our daily lives. Each day when you  are planning to shop online you should always check the online shopping portals to see if the store you are considering is featured in a portal and if they are, check to see which portal may have a bonus for extra miles or cash back for those purchases.

      That brings us to this latest portal offer, Aeroplan eStore's Spring Fashion Event. From now until April 19 you can earn up to 5x Aeroplan Miles for shopping online at select retailers that fall under their fashion category. From Adidas to Gap to Under Armour  you can earn anywhere from 2 to 5 times the regular miles.

      There are 29 retailers in total where you can earn bonus Aeroplan miles at and here is just a snapshot of eight of them:

      As we always remind you as well - make sure you use a miles or points earning credit card for the purchase, ideally an Aeroplan one to boost your miles even more and if the selected retailer has their own loyalty program make sure you login or provide that membership number on the purchase as well.

      Learn more about Aeroplan eStore's fashion event here.

      Tuesday, April 7, 2020

      Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan provides extensions on elite status and credit card companion vouchers

      We are now getting news on a daily basis it seems from airline frequent flyer programs about extensions within their programs. Just in the last two days we've received news from Air Canada, Delta and United - now it's Alaska Airlines turn!

      This popular program for Canadians announced today that they extend the validity of the status for their elite members and more importantly for many Canadians - extend the validity of companion vouchers.

      Here are the details from Alaska:

      Will you be extending elite status?

      Yes! Your current Mileage Plan status will be extended through December 31, 2021. That status will unlock even more benefits as we inch closer to our oneworld® launch in summer 2021.

      What about companion certificates?

      All companion certificates set to expire in 2020 will be extended. You’ll now have until December 31, 2020 to purchase new travel through November 26, 2021.

      With the extension of my status through 2021, will all usual tier benefits apply?

      All status benefits will apply, with the exception of the 50,000 bonus miles associated with earned 75K status. Look for more details in a few weeks with info on how 75K members can earn additional bonus miles for travel this year.

      I don’t have elite status but was hoping to earn it this year. Will elite tier qualification requirements be adjusted for those trying to earn elite for the first time?

      Tier qualification requirements are not being adjusted at this time, but look for more information over the coming weeks on ways you can earn additional elite-qualifying miles this year.

      I signed up for a status match challenge, but due to business travel restrictions, wasn’t able to meet the challenge requirements. Am I out of luck?

      Members who enrolled in a status match challenge between December 1, 2019 and March 31, 2020 will have their trial status extended through the end of 2021.

      The key points are the elite status extension as I know a lot of our readers have Mileage Plan MVP status thanks to their generous status match offer but I also know many more of our readers have the  MBNA Alaska Airlines World Elite® Mastercard® which provides an annual companion fare voucher where your companion can fly for $121 (USD) ($99 plus taxes and fees from $22) on Alaska Airlines. Those vouchers are now extended to the end of 2020. To use simply book your travel with the voucher by December 31 for travel well into 2021. Also of note is that if you have signed up for the status match challenge in the last few months your trial status is being extended right to the end of 2021!! 

      Much like Air Canada however, Alaska isn't reducing qualification requirements for those looking to achieve status but they do state that there will be opportunities to earn more elite qualifying miles in the future. I mean if you do find yourself on an Alaska flight between now and May 31 they will award you 50% bonus elite qualifying miles on those flights. You can register for that offer here

      Learn more about Alaska's latest update here

      HT Travel Codex

      Image via Alaska Airlines 

      April 7 Update: New Amex Offer for Direct Energy, Visa & Mastercard raise tap limits to $250 and Royal Air Maroc officially joins oneworld

      Another new offer is out with Amex offers. The latest is spend at least $100 in qualifying electricity and natural gas purchases with Direct Energy and earn a $25 statement credit. Limit of 6 credits. Simply register for the offer via the Amex App or your American Express account online. Personally I received this offer on my Platinum Card from American Express. This offer has also been added to our Guide to American Express Canada 'Amex Offers'

      Late late week both Visa and Mastercard agreed to raise tap limits on cards in Canada to $250 to help minimize interaction and touch points when it comes to making purchases. This is all in an effort to help reduce the potential spread of COVID-19. While Mastercard said it they are enacting it immediately it may not work on all networks just yet. Visa didn't give a time line as to when their change will take place. (Source Globe & Mail)

       Royal Air Maroc has now officially joined the oneworld alliance. The airline became an official member on April 1st but without much fanfare thank to the current situation of world travel. This is a great addition to the alliance and a really good option for travel (well future travel) out of Montreal as that is the only city in Canada that RAM serves. When the time comes we'll provide more coverage of how this can and most likely will be a great option for those collect Avios in the British Airways Executive Club program and even for other oneworld airlines. And who knows it might even be a good option for Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan members once Alaska joins oneworld in 2021. Also don't forget RAM's own Safar Flyer program - they are famous for some great discounted award flights like the 80% off offer seen in 2018.

      This will probably not come as a surprise to anyone - there are no Miles & More Award bargains this month for flights out Canada. Although Lufthansa are flying several flights per week to Montreal they are not offering future looking discounts on award travel. They are however offering some discounted awards out of the U.S. for travel in July and August. (Source Lufthansa)

      IHG Rewards Club is finally providing an extension on points expiry. Any member who has points slated to expire between April 1 and December 31 (yours truly included) will have them extended to the end of the year. Find out more here.

      In Alaska Airlines latest schedule update they are only going to be flying one of their Canadian routes until the end of April by offering 7 weekly flights between Vancouver and Seattle. (Source RoutesOnline)

      Remember to visit and bookmark our COVID-19 resource page where we are keeping you up to date with all the latest airline, hotel, lounges and loyalty program news, policies, closures and more.
      Other resources on Rewards Canada to help you make the most of your points and miles right now:

      Posts since our last update:


      Indigo plum PLUS members enjoy 2x plum points on all purchases* (Until April 30)

      Enterprise: Student Travel Assistance – Waiving young renter fees and reducing the minimum age to 18 for rentals through May 31, 2020. Find out more here

      Missfresh: Simplify your life with 45% off your first 2 consecutive orders with code SIMPLIFY45. Find out more here.

      Canadian Bonus Offers

      Air Canada Aeroplan / Altitude
      - Earn up 25,000 Altitude Qualifying Miles when you donate Aeroplan Miles to a charity engaged in fighting the COVID-19 crisis. More... Until Apr 30, 20

      Marriott Bonvoy
      - 3,000 Bonus Bonvoy Points per stay at the Four Points by Sheraton Edmonton West. More... Until May 1, 20

      Other Bonus Offers

      Cathay Pacific Asia Miles
      - Double Asia Miles for stays at participating Shangri-La Hotels in Hong Kong More... Until Jun 30, 20

      Iberia Plus
      - Earn up to 18,000 Bonus Avios when you subscribe to the Economist. More... Until May 31, 20

      IHG Rewards Club
      - 50% Bonus IHG Rewards Club Bonus points for stays at select New IHG hotels in the U .S. and Canada More... Book by Jun 30 for stays until Dec 31, 20

      TAP Air Portugal
      - OFFER EXTENDED Elite Status Match Challenge - If you hold elite status with a SkyTeam airline, oneworld airline, Azul, Emirates or Gol you can join TAP Air Portugal and receive TAP elite status for six months if you join a Club TAP Miles&Go or purchase miles to be eligible for Silver or Gold status. More... Until Apr 30, 20
      - Earn up to 4x Miles&Go miles when you buy miles online. More... Until Apr 30, 20

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      Hotel Review: Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort & Spa 2 Bedroom Villa - The Second Chapter

      The Rewards Canada family took a last minute vacation back to the Palm Springs area during the high season (right after Christmas) and hotels were at a premium. When we travel we always get two rooms now as a room with two queens and one bathroom just doesn’t cut it for two adults and two teenage daughters. In many cases this means paying full price for two rooms or at the very least full price for one room and up to 50% off for the second room.

      Rewards Canada Tip:
      The 50% off for the second room typically isn’t advertised by hotel chains as they know in many cases when you are booking online you think you have to pay the full price and do so. Case in point is Hyatt Hotels - when you book online you won’t find family rates that offer 50% off the second room but if you call Hyatt reservations and specifically ask for the family rate for multiple and/or connecting rooms they will give you the discount. Now this could vary by location but it has worked for us at a few different hotels.

      Having this in mind and seeing what places like the Ritz-Carlton Rancho Mirage were asking per room we decided see what we could get a two bedroom villa for at the Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort & Spa. We had stayed there earlier in the year (read the review here) and loved the resort and even though we’d have loved to try somewhere new this resort beckoned us back with decent pricing for a two bedroom villa. So we had it booked once again and I’ll say it’s not cheap but getting a whole two bedroom villa for less than two 2 queen rooms at the Ritz or other higher end hotels in the area I consider it a deal.

      Now when booking I did see two bedroom bungalows listed as well and thought to myself that’s weird, I don’t recall there being two bedroom bungalows when we stayed there about 8 months prior. Turns out two bedroom bungalows is something new the Hyatt Indian Wells is trying out. They are the 600 series of renovated villas that we were in during our first stay. Makes sense why they were newly renovated at the time as that was part of the plan of the new 'bungalow' rate option. So what exactly is the difference between a two bedroom bungalow and a two bedroom villa? Outside of being renovated nothing at al. They are the same size and have the same layout. The difference comes in what is offered with the bungalow. When you book a bungalow you'll get the renovated room plus daily valet or parking fee, the resort fee, bungalow host gratuity, daily housekeeping gratuity, and a $300 daily resort credit redeemable at any property food/beverage outlet, Agua Serena Spa, Camp Hyatt and the Indian Wells Golf Resort. The 'Villa' option doesn't have the $300 daily credit, fees covered etc. However when I was booking the 'bungalow' rate was $700 more per night than the 'villa' rate. Now, even if math isn't your strong point $700 per night for about $400 worth of credits doesn't seem like a good deal. So that settled it for us - a villa suite it is! Just so you know the villas still have the butler service as we detailed in our last review which is no longer called butler service but rather a dedicated host service. The difference is that you'll have to tip as the 'bungalow' rate includes the gratuity.

      We arrived to the Hyatt in the early evening as we took one of WestJet's later in the day YYC-PSP flights and were able to get the keys to our villa right away. You may recall from my last review that wasn't the case for our first stay! We were now assigned a 700 series villa which are the non-renovated ones and weren't sure what to expect as we hadn't seen them before. We made the 5 minute or so walk to our villa as we wanted to avoid using the dedicated host golf cart service not to mention it is nice to walk about when it 18 degrees C outside when back in Calgary it was much colder!

      The villa we were assigned was actually two separate rooms - a one king room attached to a one bedroom villa when combined made it a two bedroom two bathroom villa. Obviously these ones can be sold as separate rooms if need be. This was one difference we noted over the 600 series villa we had before - it was a true two bedroom as it could not be split. That being said the layout and size of 1,350 square feet are exactly the same and we just had to enter both rooms separately to begin with and open up the connecting door. We never used the entrance to the one king room after that.
      The main entrance for the villa
      This villa was definitely a throwback! It felt like we were back in the 70s and 80s! The decor was kitschy but we loved it and thought it was awesome. The colours may not have been as bright as a renovated room but honestly it felt as comfortable as the renovated one although it show some wear and tear. Perhaps Hyatt will renovate these soon to take away the worn feeling. Don't get me wrong - they don't feel that warn, they are totally acceptable and we even said that if we come back we'd be totally happy staying in one of these older villas. Take away the flat screen TV and updated microwave and you wouldn't think it was 2019 in these photos of the living room:

      Don't you just love the mirrored backsplash of this unit?

      Overall our villa had two king beds, two full bathrooms each with double vanities, separate shower and tub and separate WCs. The living room as you can see from above featured a dining table, sitting area with chairs and a pull out sofabed. The villa also has its own private yard space with chairs to sit in, an outdoor dining table and of course a hot tub!

      Here are the photos of one of the king rooms that were part of the villa:
      Feel like this fan is better suited for a tropical themed hotel!
      The bedrooms provide a lot of room and we find the beds here to be really comfortable. We don't spent a lot of time in them but it is nice to have all that space so that you can utilize two luggage racks in each room.

      And one of the bathrooms:
      If you checked out the review from our first stay you'll notice the difference between the bathrooms as well. These ones were totally fine despite the aged look and colour scheme. There was definitely some water pressure issues (I'd give it 4 out of 10) and temperature as well.  Sometimes it took upwards of 5 minutes to get hot water from the shower and sometimes it would just be warm. That didn't occur at the other villa we had before. Now each villa is part of a bigger complex of four villas so perhaps this set of four is due for a new boiler - that is if that's how the complex works.

      The bonus of this villa and other 700 series villas is that you get the updated hot tubs! These ones have a waterfall which any kids (and parents) will love

      700 Series hot tub

      Compare this to the 600 series hot tub we had before

      Another view of the hot tub and patio area:

      Service wise the resort the hotel does a pretty good job for the most part. As mentioned above all villas and bungalows come with a host (formerly known as a butler). We only utilized the service a couple of times to restock the fridge as the villas and bungalows come with unlimited free water bottles, juice, pop and sparkling water. One of the hosts was a gentleman who retired to the Palm Springs area from Vancouver but needed to get out of the house so he took the host job! These hosts do a great job (at least for the small things we asked for) but I'm sure they step up to the plate for those who like to make the most of all the things afforded to them for a stay in the villas.

      We visited the main restaurant Lantana several times and really enjoy the food there. The Short Rib was pretty amazing! We did order room service twice and that's were the service seemed to fail a bit as it always took much longer than they promised. The one I recall was a 30-35 minute delivery time, at 60 minutes I called and was told it would be another 5 minutes but it ended up being 15 more minutes.

      Surprisingly this trip we didn't make use of the pool area as on this trip as we spent more time exploring the area and using our villa's hot tub and yard! The resort does have several great pools and was actually just in the midst of building their new water park that will include a lazy river and new waterslides. From my last review they stated it was set to open in late 2020 so lets hope that's still the case.

      Overall we really enjoyed staying at the Hyatt Regency Indian Wells for a second time within a year and are pretty sure it may become our usual base for the Palm Desert area. Don't get me wrong, we do love other hotels here and always talk about staying at some new ones but the villas are such a good option for our family, the resort itself is great (and will be even more fun with the new waterpark), it has self-parking (if you know me from other reviews we have a tough time with valet only hotels) and being in Indian Wells it is central to being able to explore the are both east and west with decent drive times.

      And I leave you this photo of the amplifier/receiver in the living room shelving unit 😄

      Hotel details

      Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort & Spa (Book here)

      Points required for a free night:
      • 20,000 Points for standard room
      • 27,000 Points for Regency/Club Grand Room
      • 32,000 Points for standard suite
      • 40,000 Points for premium suite
      Points+Cash rates:
      • 10,000 + 50% of the Standard Rate for standard rooms
      • 16,000 + 50% of the Standard Rate for standard suites
      • 20,000 + 50% of the Standard Rate for premium suites 
      Points for upgrades:
      Room Upgrade Award Points Per Night
      Regency Club®/Grand Club® Upgrade  3,000
      Suite Upgrade  6,000
      Premium Suite Upgrade 9,000

      Talk to us! Have you stayed at the Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort & Spa? What are your thoughts of the hotel? Or are you planning to and looking forward to it? Let us know below!

      All images courtesy of the author